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Club Results 12/5

1st Bryan Benwitz held his own personal butt-kicking festival at Festival Foods (complete with festive live lute music emanating from the bar area), going 4-0 +423. He opened with a 423-351 win over club standings leader Thomas, playing FULLEST and INJECTOR (if you're ever thinking of playing INJECTER*, play REINJECT instead). He also added insult to injury by sticking his opponent with the Q. In the second round, he faced James, and won 476-405. James opened with ENATION, but it was all Bryan from there, as he played EARLOBES, SAPONINE, and DISRATE. That last one was for 110 points, as he had strategically placed SAPONINE one short of the middle-right triple word score square, then hooked DISRATE onto it. After that, he had an impressive win against Charles, winning by over 250 points, 566-309. His big play in that game was the triple-triple ADHESION for 149, while Charles' big play was... ELATIONS for 68. Bryan faced Mary in the final game, attempting to go undefeated, and barely escaped with a 393-370 win. Mary played REFUSING (probably a weird alternate spelling of REFUSNIK), while Bryan played KAINITES (n. a mineral salt, also KAINIT).

2nd Thomas Reinke went 3-1 +273, earning second place. He lost the opener against Bryan 351-423, with his sole bingo of UNRIGGED not being nearly enough to stop the Bryaniac. He avoided an 0-2 start by squeaking out a win against Mary, 372-366. He had an early GLARIER, then held on for dear life as Mary made her comeback with OUTSIDE coming down late. Thing went a little smoother for him against James in the third round, as he won 517-299 and played four bingos: OVERDONE, CAPOEIRA, VIRAGOES (n. VIRAGO, a noisy, domineering woman. Remember, I don't write the definitions, I just report them), and GESTATED. In the final round he was paired against familiar foe Charles, and won easily 490-269 despite both combatants playing two bingos. His MEDEVACS in that game was chosen as word of the week. MEDEVAC means "to evacuate the wounded from a battlefield by helicopter". The past tense can be either MEDEVACED or MEDEVACKED, and you can also spell it MEDIVAC.

3rd Richard Lauder only stayed for one round, but did enough damage in that one round to come in third with a 2-0 +88 record. As you can probably guess, he played in a two-on-one, facing Dave and Mary. He beat Dave 428-403 with bingos of BARKIEST (does it refer to trees or dogs?????) and NOSTRIL. Dave played DISTRICT and SEARING, but his final blank-containing rack yielded no bingos, allowing Richard to seize the win. Against Mary, Richard won 405-342. He played NATTERS and the phony RECLOSE (only CREOLES is in those letters) while holding Mary bingoless.

In other club news, preparations are being made to move to a new location for the first Wednesday of the month in place of Festival Foods. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we will let everyone know by email and at club when things are finalized.

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