NOTICE: during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Madison Scrabble Club will not be holding in-person meetings. Check our Facebook page for information about virtual gatherings.

New Site Features

There have been a few recent changes made to the site.  The biggest one is that there is now a way to view all the club sessions a player has played in and their record, averages, etc. for each session.  This page can be reached by viewing a player and then clicking on "sessions" in their individual navigation bar.  Or, if you don't want to click around, a sample can be viewed at

Hand-in-hand with this is a new "scorecard" feature, which looks like the scorecard you fill out at club and gives details for your performance at a club meeting.  These can be viewed from the aforementioned "sessions" page or from the the session overview page (, click on a player's record to view their scorecard).

Finally, the session overview page has been updated to make getting to past sessions easier.  The "Next" and "Previous" buttons, as well as the "Look at all sessions" button, will assist you.  Be aware that you might need to refresh the page in order for the buttons to display properly.  This is due to web browsers caching style information for the site.

Up next should be stat overviews from previous years (no game-by-game data, sorry!) and a few more fancy graphs such as the ones on the "bingos" page (

-Charles and Thomas


Posted on 2012-03-11 17:39:39 by admin