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Club Results 1/9

1st Charles Reinke obliterated the field by going 5-0 +810. His first game was actually two games against Helen Flores and Gail Salm; both of them were lopsided wins in favor of Charles that served to give him a large amount of momentum that could not be stopped. His game against Helen saw him play four bingos (INDICTER, ROULETTE, GRUESOME, and ALIENORS) on his way to a 519-323 victory. The game against Gail was even better, as he scored 555 thanks to three bingos of DEPLETES, AEROLITH, and TAENIAS. In the second round, Dave Kinzer proved to be his most formidable opponent; he led for a significant amount of the game, but in the end fell short, 350-377. Dave's bingo of URINATED was countered by Charles' BONITOES (the anagram of EOBIONTS). Up next was none other than Thomas Reinke, but his first-place position in the club standings did nothing to deter Charles, who won 425-378 and got one game closer to equalizing the lifetime series in which Thomas had taken a sizable lead. A closing game against Dennis Lloyd hearkened back to Charles' first two games; it was a runaway 542-326 win for Charles, who played EXISTED, ELUTION, AERATED, and NATTERS and once again proved the utility of high-probability seven-letter words.

2nd Thomas Reinke enjoyed a 3-1 +220 performance, but he might not have enjoyed it so much if he had realized that it would actually lower his yearly winning percentage, which was at 80% before the night's games. He started off with a tough game against Mary Becker; his out-bingo of VESTURE made the game look uncontested, but the 476-389 final score was deceptive. The second round saw more success for Thomas as he defeated eventual third-place finisher Dennis Lloyd 428-315. Thomas' strong start was quickly extinguished by his brother Charles, who beat his brother 425-378, playing TINKLIER and ANODISE to Thomas' FOREWORD (in playing FOREWORD, Thomas passed up making the blank a V for OVERWORD, an appropriate word to play while in the midst of a cut-throat Scrabble contest). Second place was locked up by a strong 483-359 win over Bryan Benwitz, who had won their last four encounters. Out for vengeance, Thomas played PEDIGREE, STIGMAS, and ARCUATE, while Bryan played INTERMAT.

3rd Dennis Lloyd got in one last Scrabble session before his trip to New York for a tournament, and he certainly ensured good luck at that tournament with a third-place finish, going 3-2 +225. Dennis' first game, against Bryan Benwitz, was an especially triumphant victory given that he had not beaten Bryan once in the calendar year 2018. The final score pushed the result into "drubbing" territory, as Dennis scored 444 to Bryan's 285. Dennis had all three of the board's bingos: HEELERS, TOWELING, and ATTAINS. A 315-428 loss to Thomas Reinke (where Dennis played BRUNCHES to Thomas' SLOTTERS and STAUMREL) left Dennis at an inauspicious 1-1 record, but he was given the chance to quickly vault up the standings by playing as the "one" in a two-on-one for the next round. Making the most of the opportunity, he won both games by large amounts. He beat Dave Gilligan 382-263, getting down DEBITING, but his 514-263, three-bingo victory against Betty Hasselkus was even more convincing. His three bingos were SIGNORE, STONIER, and UNGENTLE. At this point, his spread was +411, but much of it was wiped out in the final game, which was a tough 326-542 loss to Charles Reinke. Regardless, news of Dennis' strong showing should be sent to all the New York players so they can be properly intimidated when they see Dennis sitting across the board from them.

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