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Club Results 3/6

1st Charles Reinke reeled off four straight victories to end up at 4-0 +602. His first game was his lowest-scoring of the night, but it was still a sizable win for him as he took down Dave Gilligan 425-330, playing EGLATERE and NEITHER in the process. In the next round, he faced off against Dennis Lloyd and again won comfortably, 434-308. Dennis got down a bingo of ACUTEST (anagram SCUTATE), but Charles had NEEDIEST, BOTCHIER, and NOSEDIVE. Those first two rounds saw much good fortune for Charles, but his fortunes saw a large uptick in round three, where he crushed Aaron Bader, 564-368. Aaron's single bingo of ASTEROID was no match for Charles' trio of bingos: SEVERED, GENITURE, and NAPOLEON. Charles completed the perfect night with yet another large margin of victory, this time triumphing over Betty Hasselkus, 494-309. Three bingos (SUTURED, CLUMPED, and FRONTAL) sealed the deal for him.

2nd Thomas Reinke finished with a 3-1 record and a +82 point spread which was just barely enough to edge out Betty Hasselkus for second place. His first two games were a pair of Collins-dictionary games against resident Collins enthusiast Aaron Bader. The first one was his only loss of the evening, but it was quite a close game, 426-437. Thomas had bingos of RECLINES and PARADES; Aaron got TERMINAL, PLECTRON, and POTHEADS. The second game of the series saw Thomas get his revenge and prevail, 461-420. Bingo equality was achieved as both players had two such plays: UNARMING and FORGETS for Thomas, WRITEOFF and DECALOGS for Aaron. The Collins experiment having conluded, Thomas then played James Frankki in the next round, and won a tough one, 418-393. His out-bingo of CLERKED for 97, plus some junk off James' final rack, was enough to secure the win. Thomas completed the comeback from a first-round loss by beating Bryan Benwitz 443-415. Again, he needed an out-bingo (this time HEMATIN) to snatch victory out of Bryan's greedy grasp.

3rd Betty Hasselkus bounced back from a winless outing last week to go 3-1 +72 this week, snagging a coveted spot in the top three. Her first game was against newcomer Wade Neitzel, a game which she won 341-244 (largely due in part to her bingo of STRAFED for 77 points). Round two provided a more tightly-contested game as Betty squared off against Dave Kinzer and prevailed 346-341, playing AGONIES herself while not allowing her opponent to bingo. Having decided that it's more fun to win big than to win small, Betty unleashed her fury in round three, demolishing Sue Goldstein by a score of 424-269. This time, Betty had two bingos, BAITERS and ENSNARE. All good things must come to an end however; Betty found this out when good things were decidedly not present during a 309-494 loss to an undefeated Charles Reinke in the fourth round.

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