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Club Results 4/3

1st Thomas Reinke swept through the competition with a 4-0 +339 record. His first game was his closest, as he narrowly got by Dave Kinzer, 385-367. Thomas' 101-point PITHEADS was vital for the victory. In round two, he faced off against familiar opponent Charles Reinke and got a slightly easier victory, 455-381, propelled by a quad-bingoed onslaught of ANISEED, ORDINALS, MEETING, and DECANTED (Charles had ROWINGS and APERIES). The highlight of Thomas' night came in round three, when he walloped James Frankki by a score of 473-329. James' triple-triple of SIGNALED for 131 points only served to bring his score up from "in the doldrums" to "meager". Meanwhile, Thomas played SCENTED in addition to a double-double nine-letter word-of-the-week IRRIDENTA for 90 points (needs more descriptors). IRRIDENTA is more commonly spelled IRREDENTA and is defined as a region that is ethnically tied to one country, but is politically part of another. Sort of like the upper peninsula of Michigan. Moving on from that geopolitical confusion, Thomas completed his perfect night by defeating Barb Pratzel 409-306. Barb got down one bingo of OUTLINER, while Thomas had SALTERY and INGESTS.

2nd Charles Reinke went 3-1 +85 for second place, with his 379-point per-game average being rather sedate by his standards. He started off with a well-fought win over Helen Flores, 377-349, where each player bingoed exactly one time (SOLANIN for Charles, GAIETIES for Helen). This was followed up by a not-quite-as-well-fought loss to Thomas Reinke in round two, 381-455. Round three provided Charles with his most fruitful game as he downed Betty Hasselkus by a score of 408-278. A pair of 63-point bingos, RADIANS and UNROPES, helped him seal the deal. In the final round of the evening, with a write-up paragraph on the line for both players, Charles went up against the formidable James Frankki, and the result couldn't have been closer, as Charles won a low-scoring contest 349-348. Again, both players had a singular bingo: EARNINGS for James and PINERIES for Charles. A recount overseen by neutral third parties was not undertaken.

3rd Dave Kinzer only stayed for three games, but made the most of it by going 2-1 +167. A first-round loss to Thomas Reinke, 367-385, put Dave in the "loser's bracket", but from that position he found enough success to be counted a winner in the end. In round two, he scored a comfortable win over Helen Flores, 402-291, partially thanks to a 63-point bingo of GEARINGS. With this win, Dave gets closer to equalizing the lifetime series, which now stands at eight wins for Helen and seven for Dave. He carried that success into round three, where he sparred with Barb Pratzel and emerged triumphant from the fray, 393-319. Barb played GUILTIER for 77, but Dave's FAUCETS for 82 was worth just a little bit more (and some of his other plays certainly helped widen the gap as well).

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