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Club Results 4/10

1st Charles Reinke dominated everybody and everything in his path with a flawless 5-0 +407 record. The closest he came to a loss was in the first round, when he defeated Bryan Benwitz in a high-scoring match, 477-449. Both players showed off their bingoing prowess by playing three such plays: Bryan had OUTSETS, DINDLES, and word-of-the-week BAUHINIA; Charles got GAZETTE, REAGINIC, and TRACHEAL. A game against Helen Flores ended with a 426-351 victory for Charles, thanks to his bingos of LATHING and TINKERER (Helen had ISATINE, proving that high-probability word study pays off [although not always with a win]). At the same time as that win against Helen, Charles also took on James Frankki and won handily, 495-356. What followed was a two-game series against Thomas Reinke, and Charles made some progress in closing the yearly-standings gap (a nearly-10% gulf in win percentage) by defeating his brother in both games. The first ended in a 406-367 score, while the second ended at 494-368 (with Charles playing WETLANDS, WOOLSACK, and CASETTE to close the lid on Thomas' winning chances). If a third game had been played, mathematical principles indicate that the final score would have been 582-369. Good thing we stop after four games.

2nd Thomas Reinke went 3-2 +390, winning his first three before dropping two at the end. In the first round, he took on two players at once and won both. Dave Gilligan was defeated 456-372, while Dennis bore the brunt of the majority of Thomas' wrath in a 521-345 loss. In the latter game, Thomas got down a 110-point YOLKIEST, in addition to UNSURELY and ACEROUS. More wrath was rained down upon Mary Becker, who matched up against Thomas in round two and lost 285-580. Thomas played TEENERS, PICAROS, REPROVAL, and PLASMID for his second-highest score this year. The good fortune came to an end in the final two rounds, both of which were played against Charles Reinke and both of which were losses (367-406 and 368-494).

3rd Bryan Benwitz only played three games, but made the most of them, finishing at 2-1 +251 and averaging 464 points per game. His loss, as previously described, came in the first round against Charles Reinke, 449-477. His bingo of BAUHINIA, while scoring plenty of style points, didn't score enough real points for him to take the win. Bryan rebounded by notching a big win against Dennis Lloyd, 542-288. He bingoed three times in that one, with EBONICS, WAITRONS, and DRATTED. The next game, against James Frankki, was a bit closer, but Bryan pulled it out with a score of 400-275. James played FORESTS (forgetting that playing FORGETS instead would have netted him four bucks for the high G play), while Bryan had RETASTE.

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