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March 21, 2012


Four experts had 3 and 1 records so the winner was decided by cumulative spread.

1st Thomas Reinke secured the top spot accumulating a +315 spread and Bingo King honors playing 8 bingoes.  Thomas only loss was to second place Andy.

2nd Andy Bohnsack's only loss was to Michael. He accumulated a +250 and also played  8 bingoes.

3rd Lynda Finn lost her only game to Andy, ending the evening 3/1 +241.  She played an impressive 6 bingoes.


1st Sue Goldstein won 3 of her 4 games losing only to Barb and accumulating +38.

2nd June Scott won 2 and lost 2 +117.

3rd Sharlie Miura ended the evening 1/2 -83.

Attic Angels hosted 16 players gathered. Next week we will meet at the Church. Prize word for March 27 will be OIDIA - an odium, a fungal spore.

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