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Club Results 5/29

1st Charles Reinke followed up his weekend domination of the Arden Cup in Chicago with an additional serving of domination specially whipped up for the good people of Madison, Wisconsin. A 4-0 +458 record and 470 per-game average left him in undisputed first place for the night. He started off with a 453-321 win over Mary Becker, getting down a trio of high-probability seven-letter bingos: TOONIES, RENVOIS, and ORGEATS. The bingos continued unabated in the next game as Charles had four of them (MICRODOT, IDOLATRY, PETERING, and UNREASON) in a 521-395 victory against the similarly-named Thomas Reinke (who played EXORDIA and DONATIVE). In round three, Richard Lauder proved most capable at slowing down Charles' scoring might, but he was only partially successful as Charles won the game regardless, 401-359. Both players had two bingos in that one: Charles played PREWIRES and SOLENOID while Richard had TORSADES and MIAOUED (the latter of which looks more like a drunken typo than a real word). In the last game of the night, with an undefeated record on the line, Charles had no problem shaking off Bryan Benwitz; the final score of 503-345 was not particularly close. Bryan avoided complete chastening by getting down a bingo of POISONED, but Charles, again, had three bingos (PHORETIC, TINSTONE, and VIBRATOS) to put the game away.

2nd Thomas Reinke stared upwards in the standings with feelings of jealousy and hatred, but, in the end, was content with a second-place finish at 3-1 +235 (that contentedness made easier to achieve by virtue of the fact that he still holds a commanding lead over his brother in the yearly standings). In the first game of the night, Thomas faced off against Bryan Benwitz and won comfortably, 409-343, playing bingos of TABOULI and NESTLIKE (Bryan had RINGETTE). Thomas then ran into the unstoppable Charles Reinke and was defeated 395-521 for his sole defeat of the evening. Things turned around in the next game, where Thomas made easy work of Helen Flores, 536-359. Helen got down a bingo of TOILETS (after bemoaning the lack of an open T on the board for STILETTO), while Thomas had four bingos of his own: GEODETIC, TUMBRIL, ABELIAN, and ANOTHER (as in, "Thomas's opponent flipped the board when he played ANOTHER bingo"). In round four, Dave Gilligan made a surprise late arrival (after having stalked around the outside of the church on foot for an hour) and was rewarded with a matchup against Thomas, which didn't go well for Dave, as the 321-439 final score will attest. Things could have been worse, as Dave did manage to play a bingo (CARDING), but Thomas outdid him with two (SMEARED and DEFICITS).

3rd Richard Lauder played just three games (being fatigued from a grueling day out on the links), but made the most of it with a 2-1 +159 record. He squared off against James Frankki in the first game and was victorious, 399-347, thanks to bingos of VENTAGES and DONATION, which were much more potent and intimidating bingos than James' singular RESINOUS. Richard then went up against Helen Flores and scored another victory, 405-256. Sadly, the integrity of his winning effort was despoiled by a phony OUTAGED. On the plus side, his valid play of MORSELED drew a challenge from his rightfully suspicious opponent. On the even plusser side, his nonbingo outplay of UNDOUBLES (played through DO on the board) earned him a seriously large amount of style points (cash value: one-hundredth of a cent). The third and final game of Richard's evening did not have such a positive outcome as he was felled by Charles Reinke, 359-401, but Richard had just beaten Charles the week before, so the memory of that happy occurrence may have softened the blow somewhat.

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