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Club Result 6/5

1st Thomas Reinke went 3-1 +378, edging out his brother for first place. His first win came in a relatively unexciting game against James, 396-367. He only bingoed one time, with OUTSAIL. He then faced Charles and received his only whupping of the evening, with the final score being 419-488. He bingoed with SCARVES and TUTORIAL, while Charles played LIMONENE, SPADEFUL (n. as much as a spade can hold), and RUBEOLAS. Maybe he would've won had he not foolishly challenged ARIGHT (adj. rightly; correctly). It was at this point in the session that he pounded his fist on the table and shouted "enough's enough!", and he followed that proclamation up with a 501-274 win against Helen. His best play that game was SCATHED for 102. In the finale, Bryan struck first with VELIGERS, which was quickly countered by Thomas' double-double MOTORIZE for 126. He later added SALINITY and SOUDANS (n. SOUDAN a Muslim ruler, also SOLDAN) and won 509-317.

2nd Charles Reinke added another item to the extremely long and ever-growing "Things I am worse than Thomas at" list by coming in 2nd with a 3-1 +313 record. He beat Bryan 450-402 in the opener, with the dreaded Q tile making an appearance just in time to cost Bryan a chance at victory. Charles bingoed three times, with NUTTIER, LEADENED, and BALAFONS (n. BALAFON a musical instrument of Africa, sort of like a xylophone). He also let Bryan get away with the phony ODORISE*. If you are ever tempted by that word, play OROIDES instead. After beating Thomas 488-419 in the second round, he turned his sights to the similarly undefeated Betty. He scored 513 in that game, changing her descriptor from "undefeated" to "defeated once". Despite the high score, he only bingoed twice, with ROOSTER and NONSKID. If you've been paying close attention to this paragraph, you'll've noticed that Charles had 3 wins at this point, but ended at 3-1. Thus, the result of the final game is spoiled for you, and it's true; he lost against James 314-367.

3rd Aaron Bader went 3-1 +189 in his weekly British battle with Mark, averaging 464 points which is good for the normal dictionary but not even (NOT EVEN) impressive for Collins, where players regularly score 900 points (okay I'm exaggerating now). He won a close won in the first match, 499-477, playing the word-of-the-week TORCHLIT as well as ENCLOSE and UNBROWNED (referring to ground beef, I presume). Mark also had three bingos, FLEXORS, AMORTISE, and NAILHEAD. Aaron had his highest score of the night in the next game, winning 514-363 while playing DARLING and GUTROTS*. For the rest of us, play ROTGUTS. His only loss came in the third round, and it was was a close one, 431-441, despite his bingo trifecta of SUPEREGO, TINKERER, and DERATING. In the last game he won 413-387. Mark played SMITHERS in that game, but don't take the S off of the end (you can take it off the front, though, for MITHERS). It meens the same as SMITHEREENS.

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