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Club Results 6/12

1st Charles Reinke put in another dominating performance, going 5-0 +592 and coming in first place. He won his opener against Richard 449-311, though the sweet taste of victory was cut with the cloying flavors of a phony bingo, as he played OCHREOID*. OCHEROID is good, as well as OCHREOUS and OCHEROUS. In the second round, he opened with BOINKED against Bryan and never looked back, winning 517-390. These two wins earned him the privilege of playing two games at once in the third round. Against Mary, he repeated his performance from the previous round by scoring 517, with bingos of WEEDIER, TACRINE, and TIPSIER. Despite that high score, he had brain power left over to use on the other game, beating James in a close one 386-383. That game came down to the wire, and in the end James couldn't get enough with his Q to pull it out. In the last game, he faced Thomas and won 453-362. Thomas played the appropriate WORDIES (n. WORDIE, a word lover), one of the words just added to the dictionary, but Charles had AETATIS (adj. of the age of), STRAYING, and QUIETENS.

2nd Bryan Benwitz averaged a cool 449 on his way to a second-place-earning, 3-1 +357 record. In the first game, he not-so-warmly welcomed Gail back to the club, winning 484-328 with bingos of TORSADE (n. a twisted cord) and TRIMMED. He came up short against Charles, but he did score a minor victory (that wasn't reflected in his final win total) by blocking Charles' potential fourth bingo with his DOMINOS. In the third game, he won a low-scoring game against Helen 376-315. Helen bingoed with ABLUTION (anagram: ABUTILON), while Bryan played INHUMES (n. the opposite of EXHUMES). He must have been saving his bingo cannon (you know, the one he brings to club every week with BRYAN stamped on the side in big letters) for the final game, because in that one, he fired it off four times, resulting in a 546-279 win against James. His bingos in that game: STANING, SMILEYS, REWARDS, and EMULATOR.

3rd Thomas Reinke notched yet another 3-and-Charles night, going 3-1 +252. Dave struck first in their first-round match, bingoing with TINDERS, but Thomas fired back with OVERGILT, INFINITE, and ABLEIST and won 496-328. In the second game, he bingoed four times against Mary: MINNEOLA (n. a reddish tangelo (n. a citrus fruit (n. an edible reproductive body of a seed plant))), VAINEST, SWATTER, and ETIOLATE (which takes a P in front for PETIOLATE). The bingoing abruptly stopped for him in the next game against Richard, but he still came out on top, 435-399 despite getting outbingoed 3-1. As usual, he faced Charles in the last round with a perfect record, and also as usual, said perfect record was ruined. Has anyone ever seen the movie "Groundhog Day"? Just curious.

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