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Club Results 7/3

1st Charles Reinke came in first with a 4-1 +502 record. He got an early start on Indepence Day with some fireworks of his own in the first game, as he played five bingos against James in a 567-302 win. Those bingos: OSCULAR, OUTLEARN, IDOCRASE (a mineral also known as VESUVIANITE), WEIGHTS, and UNPLOWED. He then faced two players at once, but this wasn't a usual two-on-one pairing: he was facing Thomas and Bryan, two very tough players. He won against Bryan 463-352, outdoing Bryan's KITTENS with his own ALANINE and CLAVIER. He wasn't so lucky against Thomas, though a late bingo of REGINAS for 94 prevented the game from being a total blowout, with the final being 489-434 in favor of Thomas. In round three, he faced Betty and won 441-297, with bingos of OPULENT and SALINITY. Unforunately for Bryan, he was forced to play Charles a second time in the final round, and the result was again not in his favor, 473-436. Bryan played DOMINATE, INERRANT, and REALISES, while Charles had bingos of VERBENAS and AVERTER.

2nd Thomas Reinke put together a solid-but-not-solid-enough-for-first-place 4-1 +414 night, good for second place. He started off playing in a two-on-one, against Helen and Betty. He exited the round with 389 points of spread, an impressive feat marred slightly by his phony QUOTINGS* for 107 against Helen. In the next game he was the beneficiary of his opponent's divided attention, as he beat Charles 489-434 with bingos of BOTTLING, DREAREST, and ENTERIC. He walso the beneficiary of his opponents's divided attention in the third round, but even with that advantage, he couldn't beat Aaron in a Collins dictionary battle, losing 382-461. He played another game of Collins in the final round, this time against Mark. Things worked out better for him in this one, as he found out that if you just draw a bunch of bingos that are already good in the American dictionary, you can win despite a large vocabulary deficit. The final was 492-443, with his bingos being MELODIA, CORDAGE, and INFLATOR. Mark played two Collins-only bingos, PETERMEN* and ENCARPUS* (n. a frieze decoration of festooned fruit, and here all my frieze decorations of fruit were blatantly unfestooned like I'm some sort of cultureless heathen).

3rd Aaron Bader went 3-1 +215 in his weekly Collins match with Mark (rudely interrupted by an interloper), finishing in third. He won the opener 480-318, with bingos of ADUSTING* (ADUST is good in our dictionary but is only an adjective), KERNELS, and EMBOWELS. For reference BOWEL, EMBOWEL, DISBOWEL, and DISEMBOWEL all mean the same thing, and it's not a good thing either. His second game with Mark was marked (get it?!?!?!?) by his triple-triple of HONOREES through the N in Mark's just-played NOTICERS. That play was 158 points by itself, which directly led to a 500-404 win. He played two in the third round, a tough task when the opponents are Thomas and Mark, but club leadership maintains that the task could have been made much tougher with the addition of a blindfold, the temporary removal from the dictionary of all words containing an "E", and intermittent proddings with sharp implements. In any case, he beat Thomas 461-382 with normal bingos of RAIDERS, COEDITED, and SERENATA. Against Mark, he lost 399-521, his bingos of BHEESTIE and PICANTE losing out to Mark's INCHTAPE*, LARDOONS, FASTINGS, and GROUTIER.

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