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Club Results 7/17

1st James Frankki placed himself in rare company by coming in first place despite having a negative point spread, going 3-1 -14. That subzero number can be blamed on one Bryan Benwitz, who wiped the floor with James in the first round, 466-308. James got down a single bingo of ENATION in his losing effort, while Bryan had HOTLINE and EJECTING. In round two, James bounced back by getting a comfortable win over the fearsome Thomas Reinke, 440-374. Again, he had just one bingo (DANGLES) to his opponent's two (DORMOUSE and ANCIENTS), but an 83-point play of ZERK provided the needed scoring to take Thomas down. James furthered his goal of finishing in first by vanquishing Lynda Finn in a close round-three matchup, 419-413. His bingos of NEARNESS and AMREETAS were countered by Lynda's OPUNTIA and DESERVE, but he pulled out the six-point victory regardless. In the fourth round, James faced off against Barb Pratzel and took the win, 399-327, despite not getting down a bingo. Barb played APPLIED using both blanks, proving that two blanks at once is usually a curse rather than a blessing.

2nd Charles Reinke went 3-2 +311, which was good for second place in a small group of seven players. He began the night with a 2-on-1 match against both Lynda Finn and Barb Pratzel which ended very favorably for him; he beat Lynda 445-341, playing MITTENED, LIGATURE, and AGROUND as his bingos, and Barb 546-284, getting PHAROSES and a triple-triple of ASCRIBES for 149 points using both blanks (proving that two blanks at once is not always a curse). Things went south for Charles in the next game as he was defeated by Bryan Benwitz 385-419. Both players had just one bingo; JONESES for Charles and RAVELING for Bryan. The losing trend continued when he met up against Thomas Reinke in round three, falling by a score of 501 to 523, but some consolation was gained by the 501-point losing score being the fifth-highest losing score in the club since modern record-keeping began in 2011. Charles played SANIDINE, AREOLES, FATIGUES, and RAILROAD on his way to defeat, while Thomas had AIRFOIL, REVOTED, and ANTLIONS. The two twins met again in round four, and this time, Charles pulled out the win, but only by the tiniest of margins, 450-449. SAUNTER and EXCRETAL were Charles' bingos; Thomas got DESTROYS and BIOGENS (passing up its self-descriptive anagram, BINGOES).

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