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Club Results 9/18

1st Thomas Reinke upped his session winning streak to three, ending up with a 4-1 +164 record. In the first round he beat Harriette (hailing from the far lands of Chicago) 385-346, his only bingo being SUBZERO. The bingos were more plentiful (plentifuller????) in the second round, as he played four of them in a 474-361 against James: OUTSEEN, INVASIVE, GORDITA (apparently a real word that was not just conjured out of thin air by Taco Bell) and REPTILES. Following that, he faced Charles, who started off strong with a double-double UNBOLTED, but Thomas then got three quick bingos down: ACTINIAS, VERONALS, and LAIRAGES. Charles later added AMITROLE (n. an herbicide), but the damage was already done, and Thomas won 492-384. In the final round, he played two at once, and in two different dictionaries! Against Mark, he won 444-414, failing to utilize his newfound British dictionary knowledge by playing only lame American bingos, which were BASELOAD, DECADENT, and IONIZERS. THe dictionary swapping must have confused him against Lynda, though, because he lost big, 298-424.

2nd Aaron Bader came in second at 3-0 +214, sweeping Mark in their weekly Collins series. The first game was a surprisingly low-scoring (by the standards of the dictionary) win for Aaron 425-394. Mark bingoed with BLEARER, SILURIAN, and the word-of-the-week, WURTZITE (a mineral named after a dude called Charles-Adolphe Wurtz), but lost to Aaron's sole bingo of SIRDARS. The next round was a little higher-scoring 455-410 in favor of Aaron. Aaron bingoed with PINASTER, MOISTURE, and MIELIES*, while Mark got down FASHION but failed (along with Aaron) to extend it to FASHIONMONGERS. In the final game of his night, Aaron won 473-335, playing SORNINGS* (SNORINGS is good in the normal dictionary), SMIRKED, and TAXPAID (adj. paid for by taxes). And with that, his night was over, as he graciously let someone else play Mark.

3rd Charles Reinke had nearly the same amount of spread and wins as Aaron, but foolishly lost a game instead of just not playing it, so he came in third at 3-1 +217. He got off to a quick start, beating Helen 541-265 in the first game. He bingoed with BACKLOTS, EDIFIER, SPOILAGE, and VENDIBLE (also able to be spelled VENDABLE). His scoring dropped fairly dramatically after that (as could be expected when you start off with 541), with his next game being a 402-395 win against Lynda. Lynda played POETISE for her bingo, and Charles played INCREASE and INTERNAL. The loss that prevented him from coming in second, or maybe even first, happened in the next round, against Thomas. Considering their great similarities, I don't understand why every game between them wouldn't be a tie; nevertheless, Charles lost 384-492. In the final round, Harriette found out what it's like to be "Reinked", as Charles beat her 412-370. So much for a warm Wisconsin welcome!

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