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Club Results 10/9

1st Charles Reinke sliced through the assembled competition like a hot knife through butter, coming in first with a 5-0 +590 record. He won big against Dave in the first round, bingoing with RUDERIES (n. RUDERY, a rude act) and MAGNESIC. Simultaneously, he faced James, and came out on top in a close one, 408-390. Against Bryan in the second round, he won 455-397. Bryan played bingos of RESHONE and SHOUTER, while Charles played PIRATIC and LATEENER. In the third round, he faced an early deficit (some may have even erroneously called it "insurmountable"), but surmounted it and won 440-436 versus Thomas. His bingos were MURRHINE (adj. pertaining to MURRHA, a substance used to make vases and cups in ancient Rome), STOWAGE, and OBELIAS. In the final game, he had his highest-scoring game of the night, dropping an impressive 580 points on Gail, playing ENROOTS, ANVILED, and UNCASED.

2nd Bryan Benwitz had a similar night to Charles but with the metaphorical butter being slightly firmer, and he finished with a 3-1 +349 record. In the first round, he failed to bingo against Betty (who had two, RECOATED and FIRSTLY) but still won 421-353. Such an occurrence was made possible by his play of QATS for 93 points. Against Charles, he gained a small advantage by challening a phony (yes, Charles is capable of playing phonies, don't let his air of confidence deceive you) off the board, but it wasn't enough, and he lost 397-455. In the third game, he won against Helen 482-232. His bold strategy in that game was to play a phony early and have Helen challenge it off, thus making it more likely that she challenge his later plays. Genius! For his final act, Bryan faced Michael and won 461-372. Michael bingoed with SCENARIO and MEDIATE, while Bryan played TURNSOLE, TINEIDS, and PURFLING (v. PURFLE, to decorate the border of). That last one scoring 108 points, and as it came late in the game, was surely the decisive blow.

3rd Thomas Reinke should've quit after two rounds, as he started 3-0 and finished 0-2, ending at 3-2 +206. He won a nailbiter against Richard in the first game, 460-458. It was a back and forth game all the way, with Richard's final play of FAVORERS falling just short. As consolation, 458 stands as Richard's highest scoring loss since we started keeping track. Thomas then faced two in the next game, Helen and Gail. He scored 502 in a win against Helen, bingoing with MEANERS, POOFIER, and SANTOUR. Against Gail, she struck first with UNUNITED, which Thomas challenged unsuccessfully. He recovered, though, playing AGENTRY and RATEABLE, and won 423-335. Against Charles, he lost 436-440, and looking at his scorecard, it looks like the problem was that his bingos all scored in the 60-point range. Just a few more points here and there would've turned that loss into a win! In the last game, he faced Mark and lost 447-497. The two combined for seven bingos: BOSKAGE, ROSEATE, and TUNDRAS for Thomas, and CHAINING, MALADIES, INCUDATE, and ATROPIA* for Mark.

In other news, the high game of the session was a mammoth 613 by Gail against Betty. She had bingos of UNWEARY, ORALIST, QUOTING for 105, and a triple-triple STEEPLED for 158! That's her highest game by far, and is the highest of this year's club season as well.

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