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Club Results 10/30

1st Charles Reinke, for the second week in a row, won three games en route to a first-place finish, this time going 3-1 +241. His first game was a 422-365 win over James Frankki, but James came out ahead in the "stylistic supremacy" column thanks for a nine-letter bingo of ANALOGUES (Charles had RETAINER and QUAKIEST). That win was followed up with a 384-310 win against Dave Gilligan, who played FLAKIEST to counter Charles' AGONISES. Charles' big win was in round three against Betty Hasselkus, however, his crushing 491-265 victory was marred by a nine-letter phony of REATTENDS*. The shame of that phony was only partially washed away by his valid bingos of SNARFING and JANITORS. With a perfect 4-0 performance in his sight, Charles matched up against Bryan Benwitz in the final game only to get outbingoed 0-4 and consequently lose, 376-492. However, losing by 120 points is probably the best-case scenario when getting outbingoed so convincingly.

2nd Bryan Benwitz went 3-1 for the third week running, but his +203 spread left him a little bit short of first place. Second place isn't bad, though! In round one, he faced off against Helen Flores and came away with the win, 400-367. Both players had one bingo: DECRIES for Bryan, SNORTER for Helen. Sadly, Bryan's winning ways were derailed in the second game as he fell to Betty Hasselkus 365-381. Notably, this was Betty's first win against Bryan in five years! His SCHIZOS for 96 was somehow not enough to secure victory, but it was at least enough to secure "highest-scoring bingo of the night" honors (the plaque is in the mail). Winning ways were resumed in round three when Bryan took down Dave Gilligan 406-336 despite challenging Dave's valid CHILLEST. Meanwhile, Bryan played ROAMERS, a word which Dave did not consider challenging for even the briefest of moments. In the final game of the night, Bryan smacked down Charles Reinke 492-376, playing RADIATES, CREASER, DIALIST, and TROLANDS while his opponent could only watch impotently.

3rd Betty Hasselkus went 2-1 -171 for a third place finish, wisely leaving after three games to secure her spot in thes tandings. Her first-round win was a bingoless affair against Barb Pratzel, 359-320. However, bingos aren't strictly necessary if you can play ZEKS for 80-some points, as Betty did in that game. Betty followed up that success by toppling Bryan Benwitz 381-365; the historical significance of this victory is noted above but can be repeated: this is Betty's first win against Bryan since 2014. Dreams of an undefeated evening were dashed, however, in round three, as Betty went up against Charles Reinke and lost 265-491.

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