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Club Results 11/6

1st Charles Reinke took advantage of a shortened club session that allowed his 3-0 +130 performance to go unchallenged by any theoretical 4-0 finisher. His first game was a closely-fought 387-382 win over Bryan Benwitz, who played VARMENTS and EGOTISTS while the victor played BOURREES and MONERANS. That win was followed up with a more convincing 412-322 victory against James Frankki. Charles played FRICANDO as his only a bingo, a word which only pluralizes to FRICANDOES. However, this intricacy was not known to either player, and James hooked his bingo of CARRIES to make the phony FRICANDOS* without being punished for it. The final, and, as it turned out, deciding game was fought between Charles and his similarly-skilled brother Thomas. Charles prevailed, 406-371, playing UNTRIED and URINOSE to Thomas' CAVITIES and WRINGER. A late attempt of UNSHOES* by Thomas spelled doom for the losing side (only UNSHOD is good).

2nd Thomas Reinke went 2-1 +309, beating the other 2-1 player, Bryan Benwitz, by a sizable amount of spread for second place. Game one was Thomas' most successful, as he wiped the floor with Helen Flores, 508-312. The bingo disparity (three to nothing) seems to indicate, at least on the surface, that Thomas drew the lion's share of the so-called "good stuff". His bingos were SALTERS, OCTAVOS, and URIDINE. Thomas then defeated Dave Gilligan, again by a healthy margin, 438-290. Dave played PRAISES in that one; Thomas had CORSETED and LATRINES. The final game between undefeateds Thomas and Charles Reinke saw the conclusion of Thomas' mini-streak of dominance: Charles was the winner, 406-371.

Bryan's DIZZIES was word of the week, but it could have been word of the century if it had involved no blanks. Dave's COINFERS, which looks like a misspelling of CONIFERS but is acatually a word in its own right, was also in the running for word of the week honors.

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