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Club Results 11/13

1st Michael David braved the elements (a combination of snow and Scrabble players who don't like to lose) to come in first at 3-0 +168. A late arrival, his dominance had to wait until the second round, where he beat James 479-397. James bingoed with CLEARING, while Michael played TAUNTER and POLISHER. In the next round, he faced Charles and got off to a quick start, opening with RAYLIKE for 86. That kind of an early lead is hard to surmount, as Charles found out, with Michael winning a high-scoring affair 478-422 after adding bingoes of SPINIER and TOILETS. Points were harder to come by in the final game, but as they say, "a win is a win except when it's not", and this was definitely a win for Michael, 366-336 against Bryan.

2nd Thomas Reinke went 3-1 +301, coming in second place. He won big against Gail in the opener, 469-320. Gail played DUNGIEST for 90 to win the "high-D" prize, while Thomas played UNHAIRS and PROWLING. His biggest game of the night was against Charles, where he scored an even 500 and played four bingoes: BEGLOOM, LITERALS, REXINES, and GUNNERAS. Against Bryan in the third round, the only thing preventing the game from being a total blowout was his late play of OMERTAS (n. OMERTA, a code of silence used by the Mafia). Despite that, he lost 368-465. In the final round, he faced Dave G., who bingoed first with OUTDOERS. Thomas outdid that play with AIRTRAM, and then added PENCHANT right at the end to put the win away, 451-337.

3rd Bryan Benwitz had a very Bryan-esque performance, going 3-1 +204 for third place. He won 471-354 against Dave K. for his first victory; Dave bingoed with MEETING, and Bryan played ANTIROLL (adj. designed to reduce roll, and here I was thinking it was the companion term to ANTIROCK) and GROCERS. Beating one Dave wasn't enough for Bryan, so in the second round he beat Dave G. in a close one, 379-359. Dave outbingoed Bryan 2-1, playing CANDLER and JEALOUS to Bryan's TARGETED, but Bryan still managed to come out on top. He was a bit more successful on the bingo front against Thomas, playing three of them: GUILING, ALMONER, and GOATIER. All those big plays led to a big 465-368 win. Sadly, his quest for a perfect night came to a tragic end against Michael, as he lost 336-366. That's the reality of going on quests; sometimes they don't work out as well as you hoped.

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