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Club Results 11/20

1st Charles Reinke averaged an impressive 510 points per game on his way to a dominant 5-0 +802 finish. In round one, before the odd number of players was made even by the late arrival of Richard, Charles played two games at once and won both of them handily. He got five bingos (ANISOLE, BLOTTER, UNSEEING, UNDERLIP, and REGRATES) in a 575-335 win over Mary Becker. Michael David fared slightly better, but not much, as Charles took him down easily as well, 516-307. Michael got down ORATORY and DENOTES, while Charles had ARSINES, SCIURID, and FERRITE. Charles squared off against Bryan Benwitz in the second round and won a close one, 425-412. Both players had two bingos: BLITHER and DYNAMITE for Charles, VENDORS and RETAILS for Bryan, but a late miss of LINOTYPE for Bryan spelled his doom (get it? spelled!!). Against Barb Pratzel, Charles pulled out his third and final 500-point game of the night, unleashing a torrent of scoring on his way to a 569 total. His bingos were REFOUNDS, INERTIA, and KNAIDEL. Barb, meanwhile, got a bingo of SEALING on her way to 306. Charles put the finishing touches on his undefeated evening by scoring a solid victory over Richard Lauder, 462-386. PINITOLS, PAISANOS, and REDCOAT were his bingos in that one (Richard had BANNERS and TORMENTS).

2nd Michael David overcame a late arrival and some first-round adversity to finish with a 3-1 +81 record. His disastrous first game was outlined above, a 307-516 loss to Charles Reinke, but the plus side was that Michael got into a bingoing groove early with ORATORY and DENOTES. Michael would go on to have exactly two bingos in each of his next three games. His round two matchup began his heroic comeback as he defeated Mary Becker 444-341. His nine-letter find of ENTOILING, plus a natural AZALEAS (also word of the week!), sealed the victory, although Mary's RESTRAIN did put some fear back into his heart. Michel followed that up with another sizable win, this time beating Bryan Benwitz for the second straight week, 432-326. Bryan struck first with ADROITER, but Michael answered with DILUTERS and APERIES. A spot in the writeup was clinched in the final game when Michael took down Barb Prtazel 421-340. Barb found REBOOTED, but Michael again proved the value of outbingoing your opponent, playing UPBRAID and CERATOID.

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