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Club Results 12/11

1st Bryan Benwitz went a perfect "four-and-oh" (said breathlessly and with reverence) and amassed a dominant +520 spread, winning each game by a margin of more than a hundred. It was also his first undefeated club performance since March. His crowning achievement was pulling off the rare "Anti-Reinke" in the first two rounds, defeating the Reinke twins one after the other in ruthless fashion. In the first round, he took down Thomas 438-319 thanks to a pair of bingos, PEAVIES and BELCHES (Thomas was held bingoless, which is rumored to be a good strategy against him). Bryan went on to defeat Charles with similar ease, 494-355. In that one, he played four bingos (another good strategy for beating a Reinke): URINATE, EARTHING, SEQUINS, and word-of-the-week CLABBERS (the anagram of our beloved word game). The run of strong play wasn't done there as Bryan trounced Betty Hasselkus, 420-290, in round three, playing SPROUTED as the sole bingo for either player. Bryan wrapped up his undefeated run with a round four victory against Helen Flores, 444-312. Helen had a bingo of CASINOS, but Bryan outdid her with DETERGE and EXILIAN.

2nd Charles Reinke went 3-1 with a comparatively wimpy +92 point spread. He started off strong with a 517-332 victory over Dave Kinzer, fueled by a four-bingo onslaught of EXCITORS, RUNNERS, MANATOID, and GUILTIER. Much of the large point spread gained in round one was erased in round two, however, as Charles ran up against the unstoppable Bryan Benwitz and found himself on the losing end of a 355-494 contest. In the third round, Charles played a close game against Dennis Lloyd, barely squeaking out with a 413-405 win. Both players had two bingos: INVADES and NUTRIAS for Dennis, FLAWIEST and GLANDULE for Charles. A high-scoring 474-436 win against fraternal foe Thomas in the final round propelled Charles into prestigious "writeup territory"; Charles' bingos of VERATRIA and INHERED were certainly crucial as his brother got down OVULATES and SOILAGE.

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