Results of April 4th 2012


1st - Michael David took the other experts to the school master's woodshed, as he recorded a 4-0 +259 evening at Attic Angels. Along the way Michael handed Thomas Reinke a rare loss in a 379-321 low scoing affair for both of them. Michael now has a 73.8% winning percentage, just behind Thomas's club leading 75.6% winning average.

2nd- Thomas Reinke continues to scorch the scrabble earth, with another terrific single game, this time a huge 658 six bingo blowout vs. Leslie Seltzer. Thomas plunked down bingoes of HAZIEST, UNVARIED, DELEGATE, PAROLEES, BRASSIE, and ENVIABLE in another incredible scoring binge. Thomas finished at 3-1 +654 for the night.

3rd place - Mary Becker took 3rd place honors, with a solid 3-1 +189 outing. Her big win was a hefty 443-283 game with Richard Lauder, highlighted by her two bingoes of RECLINES and COEDITS.


1st - Sue Goldstein narrowly and successful won her first three games but in her 4th game rematch with Betty Hasselkus she and Betty ended up tied at 303 apiece. Still, Sue was tops in her flight with the best record in the Intermediates.

2nd - Harwinder Dowd finsihed at 2-1 +117 to capture 2nd place. Harwinder managed a 38 point win against Sharlie Miura thanks to her two bingoes, HASTIER and the "not a word" word, reveered.

3rd - Betty Hasselkus took Third place with a 2-1.5 night, including a huge opening game of 414-338 with Aki Miura. Betty played STRAINED and ROAMERS in that opening salvo.

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