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Club Results 2/5

1st Mark Kenas went 3-1 +272, easily beating out the meager spreads of the other three-and-oners to come in first place. His night got off to a great start as he opened with the Collins-only-but-totally-definable UNALIVE* against Aaron. He later added ETESIAN and TARDIES, and won big, 523-396. He beat Aaron again in the second round, 426-401. Aaron bingoed with OUTPLOT (not to be confused with OUTPLOD) and ARAISED*, while Mark played NEUTERED and CALORIC. CALORIC seems like a hard word to fit on a board, given that it starts and ends with a C, but the Collins dictionary has CH*, so maybe that explains it. His only loss of the night came at the hands of his old nemesis, the clock, as he went over by several minutes and ended up losing by 4, 387-391. He did bingo out with BRANSLE*, but it was not quite enough. To add insult to injury, his "high S" play of INSWATHE for 101 was snatched from his grasp by Aaron's ZYDECOS (n. ZYDECO, a music style of southern Louisiana) for 113. In the final game, he faced a new opponent, Thomas, and beat him 533-409. Thomas opened with two bingoes, TANKERS and ADORNED, after which Mark smiled and thought to himself "I've got him right where I want him". Mark bingoed four times after that, with METEORIC, PALEWISE (adj. vertical, also PALEWAYS), VEINLESS, and IODISER* to win.

2nd Bryan Benwitz came in second with a 3-1 +70 record. He got his loss out of the way quickly, setting him up for maximum enjoyment of the rest of the evening, falling 322-461 to Charles. Even his sole bingo was out of a not-so-good rack, as he played AUREOLA. Charles had EVINCES, EARSHOTS, and GAMEPLAY (n. the way a video game is played) as his bingoes. Bryan's fortunes took a pendular swing in the other direction in the next match, where he won 529-344 against Dennis. He bingoed with THORITE, DECIARE, and TOERAGS (n. TOERAG, a contemptible person, and here I was thinking of calling socks "toerags" from now on), while Dennis played EVASION. In the third round, he barely eked out a win against Betty, 394-377. Betty played DEFINES, and Bryan got down GIRDLING, a word that has too many G's and I's and not enough of the good vowels for my liking. He saw a familiar face in the fourth round, facing Charles again and coming out on top this time, 387-380. Charles' vowel-less final rack doomed him, while Bryan had flexibility, playing a late NIQABS while hooking IOTA to make BIOTA.

3rd Thomas Reinke had a negative spread but came in third anyway, going 3-1 -13 (palindrome alert!!!!!!). In the opener, he beat Dennis 434-425, with bingoes of DESPOIL and WEIRDED. Dennis made it close with CLEANEST and STAINED, but late power-tile plays sealed Thomas' win. After that, he had a low-scoring game with Helen, with him coming out ahead 340-318. His big play that game was ESPIEGLE (adj. playful, apparently lifted straight from French), not to be confused with SPIEGEL (n. a type of cast iron). Against Charles in the third round, he opened with AWAITED, and later added DROPHEAD and EPEEIST and won 486-406. Things were looking good for a 4-0 night as he opened with two bingoes against Mark, but things turned south and he lost 409-533. That'll teach him to dip his toes in the Collins ocean!

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