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Club Results 2/19

1st Dave Gilligan played the role of "welcoming committee" (a committee of one is still a committee, right?) by playing three new players and sweeping them, going 3-0 +237. The first play of his first game, against newcomer Ronna, was a bingo of LURKERS, and he later added on a bingo of TAMPERS (proving the usefulness of looking for -ERS bingos whenever possible) for a 428-300 victory. His next game, against first-timer Bruce Miller, was a tightly-contested 342-327 win for Dave. His bingo of PIERCES (eschewing a possible third -ERS bingo, PIECERS) was surely crucial in such a close game. Dave finished up his undefeated run at glory with a 331-237 win over Sam and his exquisitely handcrafted custom equipment. The independently-rotating playing surface and tile-holder, while not tournament-legal, were dazzling to all who were blessed enough to fix their gaze upon it.

2nd Aaron Bader played his customary four-game series against fellow Collinser Mark Kenas and came out ahead with a 3-1 record (albeit with a startling -3 spread total). Their first bout was a classic Collins slugfest with Mark taking the win, 543-478. Aaron had a double-double POOLSIDE and a triple-triple UNEDITED (for 140 points!), but Mark had four bingos: BEGLAMOR, PYRONINE, RECTITIC#, and SNASHED#. In game two it was Aaron's turn to get four bingos: he played TRICKERS, ABROSIAS, APOGEES, and ADMITTEE en route to a 431-423 win. The bingo situation equalized in the third round: both Aaron (MONOCRAT, THERMEL) and Mark (LAWINES, ENTROPIC) had two bingos, but it was Aaron's win, 468-423. They finished their night with another high-scoring affair, a 471-462 victory for Aaron, the result being that both players scored at least 400 in all their games. Collusion has not been ruled out.

3rd Thomas Reinke went 2-1 +143 for a third-place finish. His first game was his best as he clobbered Michael David by a score of 475-292. Thomas got down bingos of ABSENTED and BANAUSIC. Against Bryan Benwitz, Thomas notched another convincing victory, 473-385. POUTINE, GALACTIC, and DEUTERON were Thomas' bingos in that contest, while Bryan had AWAITERS and HOARIER. Thomas' aspirations of an undefeated evening, however, were callously crushed by enemy-since-birth Charles Reinke: Charles won their game 538-410. Thomas' bingos (LECTERNS, ABSORBED, WOODSIA) were equal in number to Charles' (LESSENED, APANAGE, ERUMPENT), but it was still a decisive loss for the good guys. Or is it the bad guys?

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