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Club Results 3/4

1st Bryan Benwitz put together a perfect 4-0 +327 record and has now won seven of his last eight games. He kicked things off with a decisive 442-343 victory over Thomas Reinke despite losing the bingo battle 2 to 3. The victor played MIAOWED and INTRUDER while the loser played MESOGLEA, TABERING, and GORINESS. Bryan followed that up with a low-scoring 335-315 win against Dave Gilligan in what might very well be Bryan's lowest winning score this year. Dave did get to play the word-of-the-week QUIXOTE (after phonying with OUTMIXES* the turn before) in his losing effort, so that served as some consolation for the defeat. Bryan, meanwhile, played TEMPTED. In round three, Bryan went up against Charles Reinke and improved his record against Reinkes to an unblemished 2-0 with a 430-401 win. His bingos of NERVATE and PASSADES (played after BADASSES was blocked) outshone Charles' BURNERS. An undefeated night was locked up when Bryan soundly beat Helen in the final game by a score of 475-296. Helen got down BETAINES, while Bryan played URINALS and TRAMLINE.

2nd Mark Kenas finally started getting revenge on his Collins-playing foes who have been getting the better of him as of late, going 4-0 +161 and averaging a mind-numbing 483 points per game. He took his first game against Aaron Bader 468-421, playing PANFRIED and WATERAGE. In round two, another high-scoring game ensued, with Mark again the victor, 461-447. He upped his bingo count as well, playing DIARIZE#, RAVINGS, and SEICENTO. A very high-scoring game (even by Collins stanards) followed, a 527-510 win for Mark. Mark once again upped his bingo total, playing four of them (OUTSHONE, FORERANK, PLICATE, and INFLATER). Aaron didn't slouch in that regard, getting down AEGROTAT, SQUADDIE, and STAMPEDO#. For the fourth game, Mark changed opponents, but it didn't matter, as he defeated Thomas Reinke with relative ease, 476-393. His bingos per game for the night ended at a solid 3 per game thanks to three additional bonus plays in the final round: TOLEWARE, MISDONE, and MINIATE#.

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