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Club Results 3/11

1st Thomas Reinke edged out his brother by 6 spread points to take first place at 2-1 +156. His night started off slow, but he still won a relatively low scoring match against Helen, 363-302. His CONSULS was the only bingo found on the board at the end. His scoring picked up dramatically in the second round (what, you though you could hold him under 400 forever?), as he beat Dave 501-306. His bingoes in that game were MONKEYS (which blocked Dave's SLIPPAGE) and ERRHINE (n. a substance that promotes nasal discharge). In the final round, he played a rare double-W bingo, WALLOWED, as well as bingoed out with AGNATES, but still lost big to Charles, 397-497. That out-bingo turned a second place performance into a first place one, though, so it wasn't all bad.

2nd Charles Reinke failed to win his final game by enough points to surpass Thomas, and ended up in second at 2-1 +150. In the first round, he went up against Gail, and they tied the bingo battle 1-1, with Gail playing ENTRIES and Charles playing CAVEOLAE. Somehow, despite the bingo count being even, he won 447-353. In the next game, he doubled his bingo count to 2, but lost 437-393. Bryan bingoed thrice, with POLICIES, DEFUNCT, and RELOANDER, while Charles had HOODIES and RETINAS. There are 8 other words in that set of letters, but RETINAS is the least played one since the club started keeping track, despite it being a more common word than something like STEARIN or ANESTRI. Charles doubled his bingo count again in the third round, playing 4 of them: BOTULINS, SPOONIER, ROASTERS, and INCOMER, and won 497-397. Too bad there wasn't a fourth game, or we could have seen a club-record 8-bingo game!

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