Club Results 8/18

1st Thomas Reinke emerged victorious from a three-player scrabble scrum by finishing at 2-1 +56. He guaranteed a first-place finish by the end of round one by winning both games of a two-on-one match, beating Charles Reinke 415-354 (playing EXPOSAL and EOSINIC) and Bryan Benwitz 382-361 (playing OVERAGE). Apparently having allowed his dominant position in the round-one standings to make him complacent, he lost to Charles in round two, 424-398. Thomas had just one bingo in that game, ITERATED, while Charles had NITROGEN and MANTLET.

Bryan's MINORCA was chosen as bingo of the week for lack of viable candidates.

We are also proud to note that the Star Wars X-Wing players at the adjacent table only outnumbered us 4-3, and we probably could have fought them off had the need arisen since our equipment was significantly heftier than theirs.

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Wednesday, September 29:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, October 6:
Scrabble at First Congregational

Wednesday, October 13:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, October 20:
Scrabble at Misty Mountain Games

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