Club Results 8/25

Co-1st Charles Reinke sort of came in first place by finishing with a 3-1 +148 record. His highest-scoring game was a 484-403 win against the resilient Bryan Benwitz. In that one, Charles had bingos of LANGUOR and VIBRATO, while Bryan had ATTORNEY and TRICLADS. He followed up that performance with his worst game of the evening, a 329-413 defeat at the hands of Thomas Reinke. Painfully, Charles played no bingos in that one; Thomas had OCHREAE and RABBLING. However, not all was lost: by virtue of his name being first alphabetically, Charles is bestowed the honor of receiving the first paragraph of the write-up. Some would call that destiny.

Co-1st Thomas Reinke also went 3-1 +148, and is currently wishing that he had tried harder to play optimal endgames in order to scrounge together a few additional points of spread. Like his brother, his best game came in round one, when he downed Dennis Lloyd 452-359, playing VERATRUM, TRECENTO, and PAGINATE. Dennis got down DELAYING. After two additional wins (including a clever endgame against Bryan Benwitz which involved Thomas passing his turn), Thomas' aspirations for an undefeated evening were dashed as he fell to Charles, 419-457. That game was a veritable bingo bonanza, with both players playing three (MONERAN, DIALERS, CATAMITE for Thomas; OUTFISH, HARDILY, INBREEDS for Charles).

Dennis' BIOTECH was picked as word of the week, played against Sue Goldstein in a 351-348 squeaker win for him.

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Wednesday, September 29:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, October 6:
Scrabble at First Congregational

Wednesday, October 13:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, October 20:
Scrabble at Misty Mountain Games

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