Club Results 9/1

1st Thomas Reinke ran the table, going 4-0 with a numerically consistent +333 spread. His most closely-fought contest was a bout against Helen Flores in which he won by a score of 480-439. Thomas got down bingos of ENCIPHER and INITIATE, but Helen gamely punched back with her own plays of CRESTING and REREADS. The high point of Thomas' evening came in round three when he obliterated his brother Charles Reinke, 520-368. Charles played the word of the week BARLEDUC, but this accolade did little to assuage the torment he felt as Thomas laid down bingos of INVITEE, EVANISH, and NITRILE.

2nd Bryan Benwitz enjoyed a solid 2-1 +174 record. He effortlessly turned away Charles Reinke in round 1, playing bingos of CONSUMES and MARCHES. Bryan deployed the creative extension of MARCHES into MARCHESI, displaying for all to see his deep knowledge of obscure hooks. His sole loss came against Thomas Reinke, 323-414, with each player playing one bingo (PRODUCED for Bryan, CANNONED for Thomas). The baffling discrepancy in their point totals can be explained by the fact that Thomas scored more points than Bryan over the course of the game.

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