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Scrabble Results April 18th


1st - Thomas Reinke once again regained the alpha position briefly held in the hands of an interloping Michael David with his 5-0 performance in the Experts.  Thomas broke 400 in all five of his games along with a nine bingo splurge, including such gems as FOREYARD, HOOVERED and ECLOGUE. 

2nd - Chris Vergeront was alpha male from the Vergeront ranks, finishing 2nd at 3-1 +98, his night including an 89 point win over the Vergeront's Alpha female, Susan in a 404-315 head to head matchup. Chris relied on bingos of GRATINE and TEARILY to outpace his mom in that family-specific club encounter.

3rd - Susan Vergeront took 3rd place with her 3-2 +29 record. a night that saw her playing eight bingos including the high scoring QUIETEST for 84 big ones. This is the first time two Vergeronts cracked the elite top 3 spots at nights end. Until now, all the smart money was won by betting on a REINKE-REINKE pairing. Oddsmakers had the VERGERONT team at 100-1 before this.  : )  Stay tuned....


1st- With a perfect 3-0 +151 Harwinder Dowd topped the Intermediates as the top record holder in the eight player group. Harwinder opened stronly, with a 386-335 game against Max Maxwell, including the bingo play of CLOSETS.

2nd - Sue Godstein lost only to Harwinder (264-317) but managed her tile play to three other wins without the help of a single bingo to finish at 3-1 +22 to capture the penultimate position at Attic Angels. Sue was a living angel herself, as she bought in a large box full of tasty little cakes that found takers across the spectrum all trying them out.  Thanks to Sue for the yummy GATEAUX!

3rd- Helen Flores celebrated her new lease on physical ambulations as she walked confidently into the club, aided with her high tech walking stick, after her recent surgery and rehab. She played her night's high game, a 441-249 start with our club's most recent newbie, Theresa. BTW, Theresa made a very decent initial start at club, with her 2-2 record in her inaugural debut.

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