Club Results 10/13

1st Charles Reinke averaged a nifty 489 points per game en route to a 4-1 +572 finish. His first three games were all over 500 points: 548-308 against Dennis Lloyd, 548(again!)-409 against Bryan Benwitz, and 507-332 against Helen Flores. A total of nine bingos were played by Charles in those three games, including the 158-point triple-triple DANEWORT played against Bryan. Charles' only loss came against Thomas Reinke, 428-479; a 109-point AMTRACK came up short against the victor's bingos of AIRLINES and BYGONES.

2nd Thomas Reinke also went 4-1, but his inferior +266 spread put him in distant second place in the nightly standings. His best game was a 480-333 win over Sara McLaughlin; Sara got down a bingo of MODERNER, but Thomas and his three bingos could not be stopped. The victory was marred, however, by Thomas' phony of CRIBRATE*, which is only good in the Collins dictionary (the similar CRIBROUS is good in our dictionary, and CATBRIER would have been the valid play with those letters). The only defeat that Thomas suffered was a real doozy, as Bryan Benwitz smoked him by a score of 507-354. This time it was Bryan's turn to get three bingos, as he played MERGING, MUSSIER, and INEPTER (the latter of which receiving a challenge born out of abject desperation).

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Wednesday, December 8:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, December 15:
Scrabble at Misty Mountain Games

Wednesday, December 22:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, December 29:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

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