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Scrabble Results April 25th


1st - Andy Bohnsack finished the night at 4-0 +392 as he handily repulsed four other experts, closing his night with a solid 486-271 game with Susan Vergeront as they battled for top honors.  Andy played bingoes of UPSTAIR, RELAYER and EXITING in his closing win.

2nd- Charles Reinke likewise had a 3-1 +376 effort, inclduing an impressive 4-bingo win (RENNASE, CUTICLE, OVERNEAT and OUTRAVES) in his opening 498-360 win vs. Mark Kenas.  Charles is now back in 2nd place on the club's yearly stats, while his brother Thomas holds the Numero Uno spot.

3rd - Richard Lauder took third with a 3-1 +291 performance, including two rare wins over both Thomas and Charles Reinke, games in which Lauder only had single bingoes each time (SEPTAGE and TAURINES) but he scored well enough on other plays to hold the dangerous duo out of their more unusual winning results. 


1st - Sue Goldstein took away two games from the Miura's while dropping her other game 309-390 to expert Langdon Martin to finish atop the regulars in the Intermediate group. .

2nd - Aki Miura took second on a 1-2 -29, winning his second game with June Scott by a 335-270 score. 

3rd- Sharlie Miura also had a 1-2 record, as she won a very narrow win 281-264 as she and June Scott traded their words from their drawn tiles on their way to her night's sole win.


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