Club Results 12/15

1st Bryan Benwitz averaged a hefty 493 points per game en route to a 3-1 +478 record, enabled mainly by a pair of 500-point games which each, coincidentally, had Bryan winning by 266 points. The first 266-point win was against Sara McLaughlin, 540-274. Bryan inflicted some serious damage with his bingo trio of SEEDING, BUNNIES, and UNMIXED. The second 266-point win came against Helen Flores, this time by a score of 551-285. Bryan managed to up his bingo output by getting down four such plays: CRADLER, DAUTIES, LIFESPAN, and SIGNAGES. A 430-551 loss against Charles Reinke was the only blemish on an otherwise flawless scoresheet, and even in that game, Bryan bingoed three times (OUTLANDS, PIKEMAN, and AVIATORS).

2nd Charles Reinke also went 3-1, but his "meager" +194 point spread fell well short of first place. He enjoyed a tightly-fought victory against Dennis Lloyd, 380-359, where each player got down a single bingo (PEDICLE for Charles, GADGETS for Dennis). A 551-430 win against Bryan Benwitz significantly buoyed Charles' spread, and also netted him word of the week with the two-C, two-U CADUCOUS, which means "detaching or dropping off at an early stage of development", used of plants. Charles' single loss came at the identical-looking hand of his brother, Thomas Reinke, by a score of 310-415.

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Wednesday, February 21:
Scrabble at Misty Mountain Games

Wednesday, February 28:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, March 6:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, March 13:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

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