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Scrabble Results May 2nd


1st - Richard Lauder's 4-0 +330 final record left him atop a strong expert field as he averaged 442 this night, well above his normal 395 season's average. He bested Mark Kenas in a see-sawing closing game, 471-456 aided by his three bingoes, TELAMON for 94 points, and lower scoring HOSTAGE and ELEVATES.

2nd - Andy Bohnsack had the high cume for the night, a +473 points to go with his 3-1 record to nail down 2nd place. Andy finished strongly, with a 543-380 walk away win with Thomas Reinke, Andy's three bingoes of LATTICE, BOOKERS and ENSOULED outscoring Thomas's TABOOING and SMERKING plays.

3rd - Lynda Finn won a squeaker closing game at 372-350 with Charles Reinke to capture third. Lynda's knowledge of her bingo MALTEDS helped secure that close victory.


1st - Harwinder Dowd had a fine outing, playing five bingoes (SMEARING, WARRING, LIBERATE, SENDING and the word of the week, MARSALA) in her 3 game 2-2 +87 night to capture top honours in the Intermediates.

2nd - Aki Miura started with two wins, losing only to expert player Chris Vergeront 237-389 to finish at 2-1 -94 to hold onto 2nd place.

3rd - Sharlie Miura also started with two wins, and like Aki, played an expert (this time Peter Schiedicke) in her only losing game, a 260-409 final game, resulting in a 2-1 -102 record and 3rd place for the nights games. Sharlie and Aki played all of their games without the benefits of a single bingo, attesting to how well they scored with their other plays. Nicely done.


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