Club Results 4/13

1st Charles Reinke averaged a nifty 498 points per game across a reduced slate of three games, going 3-0 +487 in the process and securing undisputed first place. He got his highest score of the year in round one when he pummeled Helen Flores by a score of 568-341. Helen found ANEMONES, but was overwhelmed by Charles' fourfold bingo assault of COURTESY, RESTRAIN, TOADIED, and VENTURED. More bingo supremacy was on display against Dennis Lloyd, who fell to Charles, 444-253. In that one, Charles got DANGEST, TERRANE, and SALICINS.

2nd Thomas Reinke retained his first-place position in the yearly standings, but just barely, with a 2-1 +167 finish. With two bingos apiece, Thomas fought Peter Schmiedicke punch-for-punch, but emerged the victor when all was said and done, 438-276. Peter dredged up bingos of TURGITE and ORDINALS from his long-disused memory bank of seven-letter words, while Thomas had BANNERS and PIEHOLES. Thomas' quest for an undefeated record, however, was brought to a swift end when he encountered Charles Reinke in the third and final round. The final score of that game was 482-413, and among the plays was a showoffish nine-letter find of ADVERTIZE, played by Charles.

Peter's three-O find of ODOROUS was word of the week, but that is not an invitiation to actually BE odorous while at Scrabble club.

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