Club Results 4/20

1st Thomas Reinke finished with a 3-1 +293 record, good for first place among a hardy group of five players on the east side. His opening salvo was a 470-412 win against frequent opponent Charles Reinke, where bingos of LOGWOODS, BUNTLINE, and INTEGRAL were integral to the win. A later win against Dennis Lloyd seemed comfortable enough for Thomas, with the final score being 409-354 in his favor, but Dennis led the game from start to finish; Dennis only relinquished the lead when Thomas bingoed out with COMPLOTS, which paired nicely with his earlier bingo of CLIQUES. Meanwhile, Dennis had ISATINE and LEERING.

2nd Bryan Benwitz went 2-1 +51. He beat first-place finisher Thomas Reinke in their encounter, 446-432, despite Thomas' playing not one but TWO triple-I bingos, ILEITIS and SILICIUM. Bryan countered with the more straightforward PREACHED and FEASTED. However, success against one Reinke did not translate into success against the other, and Bryan was downed by Charles Reinke, 416-523, in the final game. Bryan got HANDIEST and MORDANTS, but wouldn't withstand four bingos from his opponent: BONEMEAL, PRANGED, SODALIST, and PINAFORE.

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