Club Results 4/27

1st Thomas Reinke utterly dominated the field with a 4-0 +706 final tally. He reeled off two 500-point games back-to-back in rounds two and three to add some comfortable margin to his spread total. The first of those games was a 545-321 win over Sara McLaughlin where Thomas got down ATELIER, ORGIAST, and KAISERS. That win was followed up by a crushing 571-364 triumph over his womb-sharing nemesis, Charles Reinke. Thomas found bingos of ENOLASE, ENDOSTEA, and LAVISHER en route to an effortless victory. When all was said and done, Thomas' scores of 490, 545, 571, and 471 were, out of all games played, the four highest individual game scores of the evening.

2nd Dennis Lloyd enjoyed an average game score of 402 while going 3-1 +116. He took out Helen Flores in a well-fought contest, winning 400-380. A 100-point play of STOWAGE, to go with MEMBERS for 83 points, was crucial in securing the victory. Dennis again experienced the delights of a three-digit-scoring bingo when he played WINDIEST for 102 points while defeating Peter Schmiedicke, 433-375. He also had SILENCER as a bonus play in that one, while Peter had PRELATE and TORRENT. Dennis' sole loss was to Charles Reinke in a 388-421 affair where a single bingo of VALUERS was not quite enough.

3rd Peter Schmiedicke continued his comeback tour with a 2-2 +198 record. He played the word of the week, GUMSHOES, along with non-word-of-the-week bingos of PENTANES and SCORIAE, in a 464-302 win over Sue Goldstein, who found FOULINGS to make the loss somewhat less dramatic. The bingo engines were fully revved up for round three when Peter played four of them (LOGGIEST, SEROTINE, ATROPINE, and OURSELF) in a 469-323 win against Sara McLaughlin.

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