Club Results 5/11

1st Charles Reinke played ten bingos in his three games, and was rewarded for his high rate of bingoage with a 3-0 +342 record. Four of those bingos could be found in a 531-372 smackdown of his brother Thomas Reinke: RIVALED, BRANNED, MYOMATA, and SOVIETS. Thomas played RETOOLED and the ever-useful ENATION. Charles wrapped up his perfect evening with a high-scoring battle against Dennis Lloyd, whom he eventually prevailed against, 496-472, getting down NAVARINS, OPERATIC, and OVERMINE in the process. The losing score of 472 is Dennis' highest losing score ever at our club, so at least his three bingos of SWITCHED, TUNDRAS, and BLENDERS didn't completely go to waste.

2nd Thomas Reinke finished at 2-1 +183, held back from perfection by his pesky brother, as detailed above. He got off to a strong start by taking advantage of Peter Schmiedicke's painkiller-addled state to score a monstrous victory, 576-295. The odd-looking VIZIRATE for 124 was just one of Thomas' four bingos. Thomas' bingo volume dropped off precipitously, however, and by the time he lined up against Helen Flores, he could only muster a single bingo of CLEAREST, but was still able to overcome Helen's 89-point PROMISE and win, 393-332.

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