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Scrabble May 16 2012


1st - Thomas Reinke retained his lead as top player in the experts with a solid 3-1 +367 outing. Thomas laid down the word of the week, a nine letter play of ALCHEMIST in his closing game win of 440-283 with Barb Besadny.

2nd - Charles Reinke's only loss was to brother Thomas (387-441) as he finsihed 2nd with a 3-1 +264 effort. His closest game was a narrow 380-348 win versus Richard Lauder in a game where both players held a blank apiece on their final racks, neither blank being played for more than a 3 letter play. A sad ending for the once proud blank tiles.

3rd - Andy Bohnsack also had a 3-1 night, his loss coming at the smack-down hands of one Charles Reinke in a 388-579 closer.  Andy's twin bingoes of LITHARGE and HANDSETS were shunted aside by Charle's answers of DETICKER, PREVAIL and GOSSIPED in what proved to be the highest scoring game of the night.


1st - Prof. Betty Hasselkus had good news for the Intermediates...her current 369 average has earned her a first class ticket to the expert group after her latest 3-1 +421 dominated the Intermediate group. Betty also announced she will be coming much more regularly now that her bells have been moth-balled for the near future.

2nd - Sue Goldstein's 3-1 -103 was sufficient to carry her into 2nd place for the night, Sue's big win was a 382-308 game with Sharlie Miura. Sue got away with the phony "farters" in that game, evidently missing the three good words in that combo of FRATERS, RAFTERS and STRAFER.  But come on...who hasn't known a "farter" or two in their lifetime?

3rd - Dell Lillge's 2-2 +9 finshed her in 3rd position. Dee's highest game was a356-334 narrow win over Sharlie Miura in their opening game.



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