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Scrabble Recap - May 23 2012


1st - Lynda Finn passed the Club's litmus test, i.e., playing both Reinkes, with one win, one loss, and then went on to win 3 more games to finish at 4-1 +333, tops in the experts.  Lynda's big game was a 496-252 win with newbie Dana Beilke, Lynda almost reaching the 500 levels despite playing a single bingo, CADAVERS.

2nd - Thomas Reinke held onto his club's Numero Uno ranking with a solid 3-1 night. The one loss though was an outstanding upset win as Dee Lillge, an intermediate player bested Thomas 400-378 in a win that ranks as one of the biggest unexpected wins in many a moon.  Congrats to Dee for a well played game.

3rd- Richard Lauder took 3rd with his 3-1 +215 performance. Richard's high game was his closing 485-334 encounter with Mary Becker. Lauder had 3 bingoes in that game, DECAGONS, GOVERNED and RAINOUT to Mary's single of BOASTED.


1st - Dee played well all night long, achieving 5 bingoes (BLISTER, AVERTED, REENLIST, RETAINER and TANGLED) in her 4 games, inlcuding her win over club favorite, Thomas Reinke as she went away happy with a 3-1 +287 record.

2nd - June Scott continued her strong play lately, this time with a commendable 2-1 +104 double bingo night (ELEGANT and CRATERS) to nail down 2nd place in the Intermediates.  June's two bingoes need to be viewed against her overall record, as she normally gets 1 bingo every 9 or 10 games, so she was on a hot streak tonight.

3rd - Sue Goldstein also recorded a better than average night with two bingoes, BROADER and the phony but plausible MEWINGS while on her way to a 2-3 -235 finish. Sue's big game was her 376-352 rumble with June Scott, a 2nd round win.

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