Club Results 1/25

1st Charles Reinke came in first place with his 4-2 +163 record, which, due to a quirk of the stats system's ranking algorithm, was "better" than Mark's 3-1 and Dennis' 2-0. His final record could very easily have been an even 3-3, but he pulled out a close round-one victory against Richard Lauder, 433-426. Richard fought bravely with bingos of OVERRUN and EASTERN, while Charles got down KARYOTIN (also spelled CARYOTIN) and NUGGETS. Later, Charles would face Richard again and this time he widened the margin of victory by a considerable amount, with a final score of 478-367. Richard's 95-point find of RAREFIES did much to stem the bleeding. Things were looking pretty good for Charles until the last round, where Thomas Reinke showed no mercy towards his own brother, and issued a decisive 505-433 victory thanks to bingos of NEONATE, AEROSAT, and the Wisconsiny CHEDDAR. Charles had MANTOES# (only valid in the international dictionary) and RESOWING.

2nd Mark Kenas faced off against a neverending stream of Reinkes, but emerged from the fracas relatively unscathed, going 3-1 +323 and averaging a sizable 472 points per game. He cruised to victory in round one against Charles Reinke, winning by a score of 504-351 and getting down three bingos in the process: FROLICS, DROWSILY, and a 108-point double-double BARRELED. Later in the evening he sniffed the 600-point line, but didn't quite reach it, with a crushing 588-372 triumph over Thomas Reinke. TOLZEYS#, CARTAGES, VOMITING, and WATERIER were the bingos played by the winning side. However, a perfect record was thwarted by Charles, who bested Mark in the final game, 456-345.

Dennis Lloyd went 2-0 +146. The site's algorithm doesn't think he deserves a blurb but this writer thinks otherwise. Dennis was remarkably consistent in his two games, beating Thomas Reinke 440-381 and Richard Lauder 441-354. His bingos between those two wins were DEARIES, FAIRNESS, RECRUITS, and word of the week FERRYMAN.

We also welcomed new player Matthew Carrick to the club and hope he joins us again!

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Wednesday, March 22:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

Wednesday, March 29:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

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