Club Results 2/1

1st Thomas Reinke cruised to an impressive 4-1 +511 performance. Three of his four wins were against Mark Kenas, none of them particularly close in score. The most lopsided victory for Thomas was in the final game, where he defeated Mark 589-308. Despite the enormous gulf in scores, the difference in bingos was "just" four to two: Thomas had CLAYING, DURANCES, SHEEPMEN, and DRAFTING for his bonus plays, while Mark deployed EIRENICS and ELASTINS for some much-needed fifty-point bonuses. Thomas' single loss was hand-delivered to him by none other than Dennis Lloyd, who won their contest comfortably, 430-375. Dennis got away with the invalid UNACTIVE*, but felt no guilt in doing this, especially as his plays of LINEAGES and OVERTAKE confirmed that he (usually) tries to play valid words. Thomas found a bingo of ARILLODE in his losing effort.

2nd Charles Reinke went 3-1 +397, completing a fully Reinke'd top two that has become all too familiar. His evening started off poorly, as he was held bingoless in a 320-377 loss to Helen Flores, who got down sizable bingos of SOAKERS and FANNIES. Things improved significantly after that point, as Charles scored above 500 points in all of his remaining games. His big win was against the beleaguered Mark Kenas, 508-344, thanks to finds of LENDERS, PEREONS, GARLICS, and REGAUGED. Richard Lauder hardly fared better, falling 360-504; Charles' TASKBAR for 118 points played a large role in his win.

3rd Richard Lauder topped a contingent of 2-2 players with his 2-2 -19 record. After a 396-367 win over Dennis Lloyd, losses to both Reinke twins left him in a sizable hole. However, Richard was able to dig himself (mostly) out of that hole by whomping Helen Flores in the final round, 483-259. Bingos of TONLETS and OUTREAD were enough to build a large lead, but a 96-point RESOJET slammed the door shut on Helen's winning chances.

We enjoyed the presence of newcomer Tara Kadium, and while she found herself on the losing end of the one game she played, we hope she returns!

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Wednesday, February 21:
Scrabble at Misty Mountain Games

Wednesday, February 28:
Scrabble at Covenant Church

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