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Scrabble Results May 30th

Richard Lauder Excels in Experts @ 4-0 +365

1st - Richard Lauder finished atop the 13 experts who gathered at Attic Angels for the final club session of May 2012.  Richard's high game was a 479-288 two bingos (INSIDER, ESTRONE) to Chris Vergeront's single play of ASTERIA. Guess who had too many vowels too often.

2nd - Thomas Reinke's 3-1 +287 mostly maintained and slightly upped his 74.4% club winning percentage, as Thomas ended up as bingo king with 9 in 4 games, including the beauty ARBUTEAN, defined (by some) as (ADJ. of ARBUTE, an attractive curvaceous evergreen tree. Go figure!

3rd - Marty McCarthy, working 30 hour days it seems, found himself delivering cabinets in Madison, so he dropped by, winning 3 of his 4 games as he brought his best Oshkosh game to the big city and it held up quite nicely. Lets hope he has more deliveries set this way.

Dee Lillge Leads Intermediates Again

1st- Dee's 3-1 +65 was the top "vote getter" in a 6-person Intermediate field. Dee's sole loss was to expert Marty McCarthy but even there she had a very respectable 369-476 tally. Marty triple-tripled out in that game with REPLIERS just after Dee bingoed with RESALES.

2nd - Harwinder Dowd's 2-1 +128 nailed down 2nd. Harwinder bingoed in each of her 3 games, including the seldom seen SUGGEST.

3rd- Aki Miura finally broke the "no bingo" ice, when RETIRES hit the board in his 361-296 win against June Scott. RETIRES also includes two other good words, TERRIES and RETRIES. Aki finished with 2-1 +31 points. Can Aki's next bingo just be waiting in the wings? 

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