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June 27 2012

Charles Reinke Reclaims 2nd Place in Experts

1st - Charles Reinke's perfecto 5-0 night moved him into second position just a tad behind brother Thomas's club leading 73% winning percentage in the quest for Top Gun at our club. Charles aided his own cause in his final game match up with his brother. Charles found the tile bag generous in giving him tiles that he matched well with his expansive vocabulary, resulting in bingoes of STRIATED, TOWLINE, AGONISE, and the word of the week, SAINTDOM,  as he added bonus points and finally totaling a heady 557-384 in his closing victory.

2nd - Richard Lauder found his 3-1 +233 adequate for a 2nd place ensconcement, Richard also finding good fortunes tile wise in his game with Thomas Reinke, as MATINEE and TRUNDLES and the plausible but phony TRENDER all added to his 434-372 win in their 2nd game match.

3rd - Peter Schmiedicke continued his winning nights, this time with a 3-1 +68, his big game a three bingo (ANALYSE, RESIEZE and REFINER) head-to-head duel with Helen Flores.


1st - Sue Goldstein, along with the other two Intermediates, ended up playing each other as well as many players from the Expert level this warm night. Sue managed a 2-2 -50 to lead the charge of the Intermediates into the more dangerous "scrabble sharks-infested" games of the Experts.

2nd - Dee Lillge played three experts, finishing at 1-3, as she took a game off of expert Gai Salm in a close 353-344 2nd game. Her bingo of STREWING was the difference maker there.

3rd - June Scott finsihed in 3rd at 0-3 -319, also falling "victim" in two of her games to experts Charles reinke and Helen Flores. June is hoping Aki and Sharlie well both be back with us soon, helping to balance the matches with more Intermediates present.


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