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July 11, 2012


1st - Charles Reinke picked up a little ground in his quest to overtake his brother Thomas who leads the club with a 73% wins record.Charles raised his own % record to 70.8%, as he twice emerged the winner in two close games, a 404-385 encounter with Andy Bohnsack and in his closing 393-367 game with Richard Lauder. In that latter game, Charles needed the help of all four S's and both blanks to gain that 26 point victory in a game that remained neck-to-neck all the way to the end.

2nd - Thomas Reinke lost but a single game to Michael David (380-471) to finish in 2nd at 3-1 +116. Thomas played FEMINIST and HOGTIED in his losing cause as Michael answered back with MOONILY, ARRIVES and LIERNES to handily gain that win.

3rd- Andy Bohnsack's 3-2 plus a whopping +512 cum attested to Andy's equally impressive bingo splurg. Andy played a kingly number of 11 bingoes, including gems like ANTINODE, MODERATED (a nine) and AMNROSIA. Andy now can claim the highest per game bingo average, at 2.1 over the equally bingo savvy twin Reinkes.


1st - June Scott satisfied a small hunger for bingoes when she laid down SALTINE on her way to an opening 431-327 win with Aki Miura, on her way to a final 2-1 top spot finish in the Intermediates.

2nd - Dee Lillge took second with her 2-2 +76 evening.  Dee's high bgame for the night was a huge 412-219 game with June, wherein Dee played SEEPING as one of her four bingoes in four games. She also played tyhe nicely found SUNDOWN, a word defined as "to experience nighttime confusion". No confusion was seen here.

3rd - Sue Goldstein's 2-2 +20 took 3rd place at barnes & Noble.  Sue closed out her night with a 341-293 win vs. Katie David who made a much too rare appearance this night as she accompanied her husband Michael to Madison's scrabble club.  Sue bingoed with STRAINS in her winning final game.




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