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Club Results 7/25


1st Mary Becker went 4-0 +298 for undisputed first-place honors.  Her big win came against intermediate player Sue Goldstein, where Mary's bingos of GRANTED and "FRONTERS" (phony, only FRONTER and REFRONTS are good) secured her victory.  Mary also got away with the plausible-looking "CANTINES" (ANCIENTS, INSECTAN, INSTANCE, CANNIEST) when turning away Betty Hasselkus, 396-315.

2nd Andy Bohnsack finished at 3-1 +298, scoring above 400 the first three games before being thwarted at the last by Mary Becker, 361-384.  He had an impressive 470-408 win over Charles Reinke in which he deployed the sevens URINOSE, CERATES, and HEISTED.  Both players in that game found out that URINOSE cannot be extended to "URINOSES", at least if one is concerned with playing only valid words.

3rd Betty Hasselkus averaged a hefty 430 points per game and wound up with three wins, one loss, and a spread of +236.  She played WIRINGS and the appropriate word STUNNER in a 420-393 upset win over the club's top dog, Thomas Reinke.  Betty also scored a whopping 507 against Molly Gardner, aided by her triple-triple find of SPENDING.



1st Sue Goldstein walked away with a 2-2 -54 final, turning back both Miuras to notch her two wins.  She played two bingos in her 387-292 win over Sharlie, SPITTLES and LOONIER.

13 players showed up in the basement of the church, with only one small fan to soothe their fevered brows...Charles Reinke put down the word of the week WARRIGAL (Noun, a dingo) on his first play of his first game, before the heat could slow his thinking.  Betty Hasselkus' 86-point WIRINGS was good for high I, Aki Miura shed a C for five points and three bucks, Richard Lauder's EXPANSES for 101 snagged high E (which would have gone to Betty had she not already gotten high I), and Thomas Reinke clinched low D.

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