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Helen Flores Night


 1st - Helen Flores went undefeated, including a dramatic 4th round win over Bill Rexhausen (410-371) to finish atop all the players on this first meeting in August for the Madison Scrabble Club. Helen started her night with a razor thin 2-point win (306-304) with Sue Goldstein before she put her game into overdrive.

2nd -  Bill Rexhausen put in a very rare appearance at club, but demonstrated with his 10 bingoes over five games that he knows his way around the tile bag's varied effusions. Even the horrid looking rack of EECIINR proved no match, as he conjured the word of the week, EIRENIC (adj., meaning peaceful) from those seven tiles.  Bill aveaged 449 for the night to boot on way to a 4-1 +485 cume.

3rd - Charlle Reinke finished in 3rd at 3-1 +318 despite only playing four bingoes, three of them legit words. His sole lose was to his brother Thomas 407-411 in an opening "king-of-the-hills" match.

Dee Lillge tops Intermediates with a 2-2 +149

1st - Dee Lillge opened with a big 416-277 two bingo (QUEERER, LOADERS) with Sharlie Miura. She ended at 2-2 +149 to claim the tiara for the Intermediates this night.

2nd - Sue Goldstein also played a nice Q bingo, QUOTERS in her game with June Scott as she also had a 2-2 record, with a smaller cume of +97 to finish in 2nd in a smaller group of Intermediates at Attic Angels. 

3rd - June Scott's 1-2 -149 allowed her to take 3rd place, her bingo of BEATING doing just that to Aki Muira in their 379-324 first game match.

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