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Mice Romp when Cats Are AWA

Lynda Finn Tops Field of Eight in Experts

1st - Lynda Finn rode a sub-par bingo night into a perfect 4-0 finish to capture top spot in the Experts on a night when the club's heavy scorers went AWOL. Lynda's biggest game was a 475-286 single bingo game, with Barb Besadny. Lynda made her bingo count as it was a triple-triple, AROINTED.

2nd- Michael David was bingo king with nine. on his way to a solid 4-1 +342 secondo place finish. Michael turned back Peter Schmiedicke 480-401 as he laid down three bonus plays, SPRUCED, TRADING and the phony aeroles.

3rd - Mary Becker's 3-2 +178 carried her to a 3rd place final spot.  Mary played PALSIES in her 423-339 upset win over Michael David in their 2nd game match up.


1st - Making a all too rare appearance, Katie David rolled to a 3-1 first place finish in the Intermediates, including her 361-341 two bingo finish (INTONES, UNHEATED) with expert Gail Salm.

2nd - Sharlie Muira took 2nd place with a 2-0 +108 outing, besting expert Helen Flores 351-321 with her bingo SLEWING providing the winning cushion,

3rd - Dee Lillge took 3rd with a 1-3 -193 final tally. Dee was the only player who kept Katie David from a perfect night, as she won their opening encounter 404-331 when she found and played FINGERED as a nice bonus play.

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