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Thomas Reinke Rolls Onward


1st - Thomas Reinke, fresh off his refresher course dancing with the Scrabble Elite down Florida way, used his new found dance moves to demolish his challengers at the local club.  He even defeated a nemesis who bested him in his previous four games with Richard Lauder, winning this round with a 42 point cume in his 371-329 game with Richard.  Thomas opened that game with the best bingo word of the week, DAMOZEL, thankfully the 50 point bonus acquired by that play gave him enough cume to win the low scoring game.

2nd - Richard Lauder recorded a 4-1 +272, thanks to two wins in his five games in which he had triplicate bingos plays, ETOILES, GROANED, INSTATE in one and  SPLINED, RODENTS in the other accompanied by a somewhat plausible phony TEENAGES.

3rd - Lynda Finn's 4-1 +37 took 3rd place. Lynda, playing one vs. two in her final game, had two close encounters, a 361-337 game with Katie David, and a 319-281 "whew" win with Sue Goldstein. Lynda played the nice find TORULAE in her "challenge" match up with Katie David.


1st - Sue Goldstein's 3-1 +232 cume cinched the top spot in a small group of Intermediates. Sue's sole lose came in a closely fought 281-319 closing game with expert Lynda Finn.

2nd -  Aki Miura took second with a 1-1 -33 evening,  as he narrowly defeated June Scott 306-302 in a typical Aki Miura defense laden game. Neither player found a playable bingo rack as they "tooth and nailed" their board to its final tally.

3rd - June Scott, also with a 1-1 but a larger negative cum of -93 secured 3rd place, June's win with a 303-292 with Sharlie Miura illustrates one again how very close many of the game scores in the Intermediate level often are. 

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