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1ST - Lynda Finn turned on the afterburners, averaging 424 over four games as she won all four of her games to top the experts at 4-0 +363. She turned back Charles Reinke 399-382 in a nail biter of a 3rd round before winning her last game 447-291 with Intermediate Sue Goldstein to cinch the top spot.

2nd - Andy Bohnsack, who missed the first two sessions in this new year, showed the Reinke twins an alternative take on "stranger danger" when he faced them and then bested them both in two of his games while on his way to a 4-1 +477. Andy also had a thumping 13 bingoes in his five games, and now reigns as  the top player in the club's still new season.

3rd - Thomas Reinke's 3-1 +353 gave him a third place resting spot this eveening. Thomas literally gushed with bingoes in his 3rd game encounter with Shayla Dunn as he played what could be a all-time club record SIX bingoes in that one game...FAINTLY, TANGLED, LINGERIE, AUCTIONS, ACONITE and the appropriate (for Shayla) OUTWEARY as he steamrolled to a 582-347 fainal tally.


1st - Sharlie Miura played her first bingo of the new year, HURTING, and it's resultant bonus points proved more than she needed as she surpassed June Scott 365-257 in their opening salvo. Sharlie finished at 2-0 +110 as she edged Sue Goldstein 319-317 in her final game.

2nd - Sue Goldstein's 2-2 -59 was enough to capture the 2nd place position in the field of just four intermediates. 

3rd- June Scott's single win of 356-242 with Aki Miura garnered her a 3rd place perch with a 1-2 -138 overall record.

Editor's sidenote: Five phoneys stayed on the board this week, Betty Hasselkus gamboled and won twice with her plays of TORTION and FEINTERS...btw, FEINTERS does have two good words, INFESTER and FERNIEST hiding away in those same tiles, while TORTION contains the good word TORTONI, an Italian ice cream treat.

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