NOTICE: during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Madison Scrabble Club will not be holding in-person meetings. Check our Facebook page for information about virtual gatherings.

2nd Scrabble Starts This Week
Saturday, 10/6, 2PM, HyVee
1st Saturday of month: Saturday
next Thursday of month: Thursday
next Tuesday of month: Monday
next Monday of the month: Monday
any remaining part of the month--best fitting Mon or Thurs or none.
3801 East Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53704
This would mean the following dates for the rest of the year all at HyVee.
10/6 Saturday 2 PM
10/11 Thursday 6 PM
10/15 Monday 6 PM
10/22 Monday 6 PM
10/29 Monday 6 PM
11/3 Saturday 2 PM
11/8 Thursday 6 PM
11/19 Monday 6 PM
11/26 Monday 6 PM
12/1 Saturday 2 PM
12/6 Thursday 6 PM
12/10 Monday 6 PM
12/17 Monday 6 PM
12/27 Thursday 6 PM
I will email reminders to anyone who is interested. Email LyndaFinn at to be added to the email list.
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