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1st - Charles Reinke ended Shayla Dunn's brief position atop the Experts with his 4-0 +284 evening, while Shayla ran afoul of scrabble reality and a 2-3 night. After the last tile was played, positions 1-2-3 held the usual suspects once again, Thomas and Charles at #1 and #2, with Andy Bohnsack in hot pursuit at #3. Charles won a low scoring five point cliff hanger 346-341 against  Andy "Bingo-Machine" Bohnsack  in the final night's encountering.

2nd - Andy Bohnsack sprayed 14 bingoes over his five games, including the club's only 600 game this year.  His high game was a 623-307 win vs. Barb Besadny on his way to a 4-1 +680 2nd place finish. Andy even managed two bingos (NETTLIER, SOLVING) in that final game loss to Charles Reinke 341-346.

3rd- Thomas Reinke's 3-1 +303 was a part of his 10 bingo night, with words like FRETLESS, PTOMAIN, SIGNORI, ACINOSE and MISTOLD adding their bonus points to his varied games.  Thomas and Andy are both averaging 440 this year, a total close to being formally declared obscene in light of the tiles we others draw.  : )


1st - Harwinder Dowd had a nicely above average night, scorewise, as she recorded a 2-1 +60 record to take top place in a field of 8 Intermediates.

2nd - John Daugherty played his first three bingos of the year, breaking that glass ceiling twice in his closing 385-271 game with Sue Goldstein as GULLIES  and ABETTING both joined their board in that closer game.

3rd- Sue Goldstein won two of her four games to take 3rd at 2-2 -59, despite no bingos for all four games. Sue's 6 bingos this year leads the that makes her the "Andy Bohnsack" of that group.  Andy is threatening to break the 100 bingo level before the month is out. That's more scary than Halloween's worst to his opponents.


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